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(pp.407-421) K. Alnaqbi ‘Investigation of pedestrian accidents: analysis at signalised pedestrian crossings in Edinburgh’, World Sustainable Development Outlook, 2012

Purpose – This study investigates in more detail the factors that affect accident occurrence at Pelican crossings and signalised pedestrian crossings.
Design/Methodology/Approach – Accident data for 14 years at the selected site; 441 pedestrian accidents occurring in or within 50 metres (m) of signalised pedestrian crossing areas. Grid references of accident locations as well as locations of pedestrian crossings were obtained from the STATS19 database and local city councils.
Findings – The results show a decrease in accident rates as distance increases from the pedestrian crossing facilities. The most risky locations are those at or within 10m of the pedestrian crossings, and those at a distance of 10–30m from the pedestrian crossing facilities.
Originality/value – The data were used to identify the locations of accidents relative to the location of pedestrian crossing facilities. New research into pedestrian accident rates for each Pelican and signalised crossing was discussed.
Keywords – Pedestrians accidents, STATS19, Accidents analysis, Pedestrian crossing behaviour Pedestrians crossing in Edinburgh
Paper type Research paper
Outlook Alnaqbi.pdf
Outlook Alnaqbi.pdf
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