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Investigation of pedestrian accidents analysis at signalised pedestrian crossings in Edinburgh

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Investigation of pedestrian accidents analysis at signalised pedestrian crossings in Edinburgh


Abstract: Data from STATS19 show that pedestrian accident rates are higher over the pedestrian crossing points than these away from it, or within 50 m of pedestrian crossing facilities. This is contrary to the expectations that accidents should be least over these crossing facilities. This study investigates in more details the factors that affect accidents occurrence at pelican crossing and signalised pedestrian area in Scotland. Accidents data of 14 years (from 1993 until 2006) in selected site, that is 441 pedestrian accidents occurred in or within 50 m on signalised pedestrian crossing area (238 on pedestrian phase at traffic junction and 203 on pelican, puffin and toucan). Grid references of accident locations as well as locations of pedestrian crossings were obtained from STATS19 database and the local city councils. The data was used to identify the locations of accidents relative to the location of pedestrian crossing facilities. The results show an increase in accidents rates decrease as distance increase from the pedestrian crossing facilities. The most risky locations are these at the pedestrian crossings or within 10 m and the distance from 10-30 before the pedestrian crossing facilities. Analysis of pedestrian accidents rates for each of pelican and signalised crossings were discussed. Modelling accidents rates and severities at these pedestrian crossings is also presented in this article. Linear regression and logit modelling are both used to analyse the results. This article is divided into four sections. First, the literature review and background of the work is presented in Section 1. Section 2 discusses the data and the case studies. The results of the work and analysis of the results are presented in Section 3. Finally, Section 4 summarises the results and concludes the work.
Keywords: Pedestrian, Signalised Pedestrian Crossing, Linear Regression, Logit Regression

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