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(pp.049-060) W. E. Nwagwu ‘Information and learning needs of youth in a rural community in Nigeria’, WJSTSD, Vol. 7, No, 1, 2010

World Journal of Science, Technology & Sustainable Development (WJSTSD)Williams E. Nwagwu, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Abstract: Understanding learning and information needs of youth could provide planners with information required to address the needs of youth in a community. Using data collected from 220 and 250 male and female youth through Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and a questionnaire survey respectively, this study investigated the information and learning needs of youth in Uzoagba, a rural community in southeastern Nigeria. Two categories of youth could be identified based on their information practices. They are those under 12 where education, health/HIV/AIDS and income dominate. Another is the group of those above 12 where the issues that dominate their needs are income/employment and education. In summary, youth want to remain healthy to develop their personal efficacy through education and then be usefully integrated into wider social and economic life. Meanwhile, they are concerned about how to participate in generating income to achieve this ultimate aim, and to assist their families and community.
Keywords: Information and learning needs; Youth; Participatory gender-oriented study; Southeastern Nigeria; Di Nwanna

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