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Therapeutic antioxidant activity of monascus-fermented durian seed: a potential functional food ingredient, Ignatius Srianta, Ira Nugerahani, Netty Kusumawati, Elisabet Suryatanijaya, Christine Subianto, Sundus Tewfik and Ihab Tewfik

Ignatius Srianta, Ira Nugerahani, Netty Kusumawati, Elisabet Suryatanijaya and Christine Subianto, Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya, Indonesia
Sundus Tewfik, London Metropolitan Universiy, UK
Ihab Tewfik, London Metropolitan Universiy, UK

Background: The phytochemical characteristic of Monascus-fermented products (MFPs) is well documented. During fermentation, Monascus produce various bioactivities metabolites that have an antioxidant, anti-hypertension, anti-cholesterol, anti-cancer, anti-inflamatory, and anti-diabetics effects.
Purpose: To evaluate the antioxidant activity of Monascus-fermented durian seed extracts.
Methods: 50 gm of small cut durian seed was inoculated with Monascus sp. KJR2, which was employed as starter culture, to produce the MFPs. Dried MFDS was extracted at serial ethanol concentrations (0, 20, 40, 60, 70 and 80%) and tested against DPPH radical scavenging activity, phosphomolybdenum reduction and Ferric Reduction Activity Power (FRAP). Additionally, total phenolic and pigments contents were determined.
Results: The MFDS possesses antioxidant activity through DPPH radical scavenging, phosphomolybdenum reduction and FRAP. The highest DPPH radical scavenging of the MFDS extract is at ethanol concentration of 40%, FRAP at 60%, whereas the water extract possesses the highest reducing power of phosphomolybdenum assay. Total phenol and Monascus pigments contribute to the phosphomolybdenum reduction, but not to DPPH radical scavenging and FRAP.
Conclusion: The phytochemical benefit of fermented durian seed extract has been ascertained as potential antioxidant food ingredient and reinstates its promising position in the region as effective indigenous traditional medicine.
Keywords: DPPH radical scavenging, Monascus, Durian seed, Total phenolic, Pigment

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