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Impact of obesity and physical inactivity among children, Nebal Aboul-Ella and Dina Shehab

Nebal Abdel Rahman Aboul-Ella and Dina Ibrahim Shehab, National Nutrition Institute, Egypt

Purpose: To study the impact of overweight and obesity on fasting blood glucose level and lipid profile among children.
Methodology: A cross-sectional study included 200 children aged 2 -12 years was done to screen for plasma glucose, lipid profile and insulin abnormalities. They were assessed by interview questionnaires, anthropometric measures and by measuring their fasting blood glucose and plasma lipid levels.
Findings: The risk of having high triglycerides and low HDL levels is more than double among obese children compared to non-obese. Physically inactive children have 7.8 times the risk for obesity compared to active children. Significant high percentages among obese as regards prediabetes state and insulin resistance. The consumption of unhealthy snacks was higher than vegetables and fruits regardless of BMI.
Value: High BMI predisposes children to many of the medical complications of obesity found in adults, in particular components of insulin resistance syndrome.
Keywords: Screening, Risk factors, Fasting blood glucose, Lipid profile, Insulin, Resistance, Homa, Children

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