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Utilization of orange sweet potato for material makers, Evawany Aritonang, Zullhaida Lubis, Sadar Ginting and Ernawati Nasution

Evawany Aritonang, Zullhaida Lubis, Sadar Ginting and Ernawati Nasution, Jl Universitas No 21, Medan

Orange sweet potato commodity was appropriate to consider in supporting the food diversification program for encouraging the national food security based on nutrient content, relatively shorter age and easier to produce in various lands. One of these that can be made based on the orange sweet potato flour was a biscuit.
Purpose: The objective of this study was to investigate the use of orange sweet potato as a raw material for biscuit production and their acceptance for the elementary school students at Ujung Bawang Village Dolok Silau Subdistrict Simalungun District.
Methodology: The type of the study was experimental study. Acceptance test would be used in appraisal for the color, taste, flavor and texture. 120 students recruited for the panelist consist of the primary school students in Grade I through Grade VI (each grade consisted of 20 students). Method of data analysis included Percentage Descriptive Analysis.
Findings: The result of the acceptance test of the elementary students for provision of orange sweet potato biscuit was indicated by the color, taste, flavor and texture and the most preferred was the sample Tu50 with composition of 50% orange sweet potato flour of the total wheat flour.
Research implications: A further and more perfect study is required to improve the quality of the sample Tu50 ; biscuit with the substitution of 50% orange sweet potato flour as the best result of experiment to reach the best quality of the biscuit such as chemical properties of the biscuit and the storage capability of biscuit.
Keywords: Orange Sweet Potato, Biscuit, Acceptance Test, Primary School Student

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