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Changing the perspective: providing better nutrition and food security for families impacted by the pandemic in Brazil, Gabriela Nasser and Dr. Joyce Capelli

Gabriela Nasser
Institutional Director, Instituto Melhores Dias, Brazil

Dr. Joyce Capelli
President and Executive Director, Instituto Melhores Dias, Brazil

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to present how the COVID-19 pandemic has had a direct impact on the food security of families in Brazil.
Design/methodology/approach: This is a descriptive study with secondary data analysis. Questionnaires were conducted with families who were part of a nutrition education programme.
Findings: Families in Brazil were severely affected by the pandemic, economically, socially and in health. Of these families, 10% do not currently have access to the food they need; this exacerbates the vulnerability that was already existent within the Brazilian population. In addition, 64% of the اouseholds had a decrease in their monthly income, decreasing their access to fresh, healthy foods. There needs to be urgent mobilisation of local stakeholders to bring
positive change to these families.
Research limitations/implications: This research was conducted by a non-profit organisation, Instituto Melhores Dias (secondary data analysis used). There are therefore limitations in terms of resources, sampling and analysis.
Practical implications: It is of utmost importance to turn attention to this topic now, because the prediction is that the situation of food security and hunger will worsen in the next months and even years, not only in Brazil but globally. This requires urgent action in terms of providing resources to populations and finding alternatives to reach more sustainable and equitable communities.
Keywords: COVID-19 Pandemic, Hunger, Malnutrition, Food Security, Health Education


1617128836wpdm_IJFNPH V12 Nos 1-2 2020 Gabriela Nasser - Joyce Capelli.pdf
1617128836wpdm_IJFNPH V12 Nos 1-2 2020 Gabriela Nasser - Joyce Capelli.pdf
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