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Impact of globalisation and trade liberalization on small farmers’ food security in developing countries, Falendrak Sudan

Falendrak K. Sudan

Abstract: The process of globalization and trade liberalization can impact small farmers in complex ways, both directly and indirectly. The small farmers’ food security in developing countries depends upon improved access to well-functioning markets. The agriculture is a critical sector in which a rules-based global trade system must work to the benefit of the small farmers. The extensive subsidies and border protection continue to block opportunities for those poor small farmers who can best make their livings from farming and value-added farm products. If the poor small farmers remain losers in agricultural trade, then the trade rules adopted cannot be justified and World Trade Organization (WTO) effectiveness and credibility will be impaired. To the extent that poverty is the main cause of small farmers’ food insecurity, international trade opportunities should also help improve food security.
Keywords: Globalisation, Trade Liberalization, Food Security, Small Farmers, Policy Issues.

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2- SUDAN-Itemid=.pdf
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