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The entrepreneurial development in the Western Contra Arabic counties, Dr. Adil Abouzeedan

Dr. Adli Abouzeedan

The issue of the entrepreneurial environment and its impact on maintaining a sustainable economic development is of great importance. The question which is raised often is why the developed countries succeeded in maintaining a healthy entrepreneurial environment while the Arab countries, in general, has failed to achieve that transition. In this conceptual paper, we are introducing the “Entrepreneurial Re-cycling Model”. This is rather a semi-new abstract approach to try to understand the two different paths that the Western World contra the Arab World went through in their economic development in the last two hundred years or so. Our argument is that the reason for the failure in the Arab countries development transition had to do with the mechanism impeded in the Entrepreneurial Re-cycling Model. We claim that, in case of the Arab world, the Entrepreneurial Re-cycling Processes were disrupted through mechanisms of elimination and destruction. Our analysis has confirmed this fact. The nature of this work is purely conceptual and thus no empirical evidence was provided as this is outside the scope of this paper.
Keywords: Entrepreneurial Environment, Entrepreneurial Re-cycling Model, Entrepreneurial Re-cycling Processes, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, SMEs, Entrepreneurial Empowerment, Knowledge Spillover.

37- ABOUZEEDAN-Itemid=.pdf
37- ABOUZEEDAN-Itemid=.pdf
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