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“Closing the digital divide: a path towards sustainable knowledge-based inclusive development”, Amer Al-Roubaie

Prof. Amer Al-Roubaie
College of Business and Finance, Ahlia University, Bahrain

DOI: 10.47556/B.OUTLOOK2017.15.2
Purpose: This paper highlights the importance of ICT in closing the digital divide through strengthening a country’s ability to obtain information, create knowledge and improve education.
Methodology/approach: The paper examines the digital divide by using published data dealing with the information age. Most developing countries still lag behind in readiness for use of ICT in development. The paper shows how nations can address major developmental challenges to sustain economic growth.
Findings: The paper highlights important issues about the digital gap between developed and developing countries, and the impact of this gap on sustainable development. Integration into the information age is crucial for building capacity for sustainable development. The Internet facilitates access to information, allowing individuals, enterprises and nations to reduce environmental risk and sustain development.
Originality/value: In the information age, access to information plays a key role in improving the socio-economic well-being of nations by fostering economic growth and alleviating poverty. The discussion in the paper adds to the body of knowledge concerning the information society.
Keywords: Digital divide; sustainable development; ICT; knowledge; digital economy; information society

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Ooutlook_2017_ Al-Roubaie.pdf
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