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“Sustainable economic development in post-conflic Colombia”, Vilma Dahiana Bedova Bahamón

Vilma dahiana bedoya bahamón*
University of Tolima, Colombia
Email: Bedoya.vilma@hotmail.com





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DOI: 10.47556/B.OUTLOOK2018.16.7

Purpose: As an independent writer, the author of this paper shares the vision of Colombian citizens about the history that caused the conflict between the Colombian State and extreme illegal left-wing groups, Colombians’ efforts to build a better country through peace, and how the different economic actors could contribute to the sustainability of this social project that has a transversal relationship with all the characters and institutions in this South American country.
Approach: The research is focused on the compilation of historical and economic data about the Colombian Conflict, and the recent advances in the consolidation of a sustainable peace in Colombia. The research is based on official information and other journalist sources.
Findings: The paper suggests an analysis of the history of the Colombian conflict, its economic implications for the local people, and the main strategies implemented by the government to promote the inversion of the private sector and their more active participation in the post-conflict scenario.
Practical implications: This publication shares an independent view of past and current Colombian facts, its hard and long process to obtain peace and equitable life conditions for its people, and future perspectives with the international community. Among others, it considers that international support and recognition of the accomplished purposes, in the prospect of a peaceful country for the construction of a sustainable peace, are fundamental for the promotion of enterprise and growth of foreign investment in Colombia.
Originality/value: The paper offers a fresh and easy content, and gives the reader a real perspective of the peace process in Colombia, linking the historical, economic and social facts that contributed to the beginning and end of a conflict that impacted the lives of more than three generations. This paper is dedicated to all who want to learn more about Colombian history, and who want to work in the project of a more equitable Colombia.
Keywords: Colombia; post-Conflict; peace; economic sustainability; proColombia; coffee

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