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(pp.273-285) S. O. Omer ‘An innovative system of science and technology model’, World Sustainable Development Outlook, 2012

Purpose The purpose of this paper is to build an innovative system of science and technology model using statistical methods, survey and information networks to support government strategies.
Design/methodology/approach The approach concentrates the application of statistical methods, surveys and networks under strict conditions of confidentiality and quality of knowledge management.
Findings – This system represents more than the name “innovative”, but is a shift in framework used for understanding how to integrate science and technology in order to achieve sustainable development.
Practical implications – Statistical tools play a vital role in change, innovation and planning for a sustainable future. The implications of systems could be relevant in the patterns of interaction and communication among firms, universities, and other regular parts of the statistical information of science and technology concerning the need for data on research and innovation. Other potential uses include the assessment and evaluation of input and output of science, touching on different network members and furnishing key indicators for science and technology. In addition, trends and policy-relevant analysis are potential uses, focusing mainly on research and development (R&D) and innovation.
Social implications The establishment of this system with its three components will save time and effort in the decision-making process, based on statistical knowledge. The system will be the essence of the management and understanding of the nature and sources of economic growth.
Keywords S&T, Statistical method, Survey design and network
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Outlook Omer.pdf
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