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(07) Sustainable innovation approach for stormwater flood mitigation risk management in Arid region, Dr. Moustafa Kassab

Dr. Moustafa Kassab
Civil Engineering Department, UPM University (Saudi Araba) and Systems Design Engineering, University of Waterloo (Canada)

DOI: 10.47556/J.WJEMSD.19.3-4.2023.7

Abstract: Many cities in the arid region of the Arabian Peninsula have been challenged by the danger of stormwater in the last decade. Despite the significant number of engineering projects that were commissioned to rectify the rainfall floods problems. Yet, consecutive and frequent floods with severe losses in lives and property damages were witnessed. This shows that efforts are still needed to innovate and introduce extra approaches and methods to prevent and mitigate rain floods to enhance and support the functions of the existing engineering structures, such as open channels, dams, and drainage routes. These physical engineering solutions have reduced the threat of flooding, yet it has not been able to address the problem entirely. The absence of critical sewage and stormwater networks and the increasing effect of climate change played a primary role in creating this problem. This paper presents a new approach to utilizing open outdoor spaces in a sustainable way to be integrated into existing city plans, construction, and maintenance in dealing with rain storms and to help urban areas mitigate rainfall floods and minimize their impact. The paper will illustrate the methodology and problem associated with rainwater and storm in the arid region. Advantages of these green methods. Various methods of green infrastructure will also, be presented with sample case studies and recommendations.
Keywords: Climate change, Green Infrastructure, Arid region, Floods Management and Mitigation.

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