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(3) Institutional Governance in Yemeni Public Universities, Dr. Mohammed Batwaih, Dr. Alamedin Bannaga

Dr. Mohammed Batwaih and *Dr. Alamedin Bannaga
Senior Experts, Arab Planning Institute, P.O. Box: 5834  Safat 13059
Email: abannaga@gmail.com

The paper addresses the challenges and constraints facing the public universities in Yemen in the field of institutional governance and attempts to evaluate its quality using qualitative and quantitative research methods. The paper assesses the possibility of adopting the principles of institutional governance system in Yemeni public universities and identifies the means and mechanisms for reinforcing these principles. The analyses of the research results indicate inadequacy in performance of Yemeni public universities in most of the field of institutional governance. Further, the private universities performance is better than the public ones. However, all universities need to improve in institutional governance application to achieve educational and administrative objectives.

Keywords: Institutional Governance, University Governance, Yemeni Universities, Yemen, Arab Countries.

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