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Factors and barriers to digital transformation in terms of cloud computing adoption in Kuwait, Dr. Omer Gibreel

Dr. Omer Gibreel
Assistant Professor of Management Information System, College of Business Administration, Gulf University for Science & Technology
Email: Gibreel.O@gust.edu.kw

Purpose: This study aims to examine the relevance of factors that research has identified as barriers to the widespread adoption of could-computing, particularly for Digital transformation and IT adoption by businesses in Kuwait. The motive for the study is based on our observation that business-to-consumer technology adoption, such as the use of IT platforms for food delivery and taxi service, is much further along in Kuwait than business-to-business IT adoption.  Hence, since the provision of cloud computing is rapidly advancing the business-to-business IT adoption sector in the world, understanding the relevant barriers in this sector will greatly advance the knowledge of the barriers to widespread IT adoption by organizations in Kuwait.
Methodology: This research study looks into the independent economic factors, such as the level of trust in the organization and the importance of cost saving, and social factors affected by cultural factors, such as the power distance between a superior and her subordinates and the desire to avoid uncertainty. The impact of cyber security and IT complexity on business-to-business IT adoption will also be examined.  Furthermore, the research has also identified moderators, such as the effect of fairness and organizational (procedural and distributive) justice, as important predictors of IT diffusion in a sector.  The dependent variable will be cloud providers' performance measures, including questions to measure users’ satisfaction with cloud computing providers, both local and international providers such as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon.
Contribution: The research study strives to fill the knowledge gap in business-to-business IT adoption using cloud computing.  For example, we will identify factors that users and IT developers in Kuwait perceive as barriers to the development of cloud computing.  We also study the user perspectives from several aspects, including trust, security, socio-economic factors, and justice. To our knowledge of the latest state-of-the-art literature, no research study has explored this knowledge gap in the GCC region.
Research Framework: See attached Figure 1.

Cloud Computing Kuwait Framework.pdf
Cloud Computing Kuwait Framework.pdf
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