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Extending focus from climate resilience to prosperity: a reality check from Bangladesh, MD Samiul Islam

MD Samiul Islam
Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology & Anthropology, Green University of Bangladesh, Dhaka
Email: samiul511@gmail.com

Abstract: The study intends to review Bangladesh’s climate change policy responses and strategic initiatives those redefine the country’s image from one of the most vulnerable delta to an aspirant one through the projections towards addressing the issues of climate change adaptation and mitigation. Keeping in mind the shifting trajectory from vulnerability to resilience to prosperity (VRC), the study investigates further the present socio-economic, political and institutional contexts to crosscheck whether those feed-in or contradict the visionary projections of Bangladesh government. The study is based on secondary data and the sources are- global and national policy and strategic documents, scholarly articles, relevant organizational reports and news in national-international media. Based on the reviews, the analytical framework contrasts the scopes and challenges ahead along with some recommendations so that relevant experts, policy makers and initiators may add pragmatic value in their future endeavors related to climate change action in Bangladesh.

Keywords: Climate Change, Vulnerability, Resilience, Prosperity, Adaptation, Mitigation.

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