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Cross-border strategy, green and sustainable logistics: does cross border business strategy impact on sustainability?, John Okoche, Prof. Marcia Mkansi

John Michael Maxel Okoche and Prof. Marcia Mkansi
Department of Operations Management, College of Economics and Management Sciences
University of South Africa, P. O Box 392, Unisa 003
South Africa
Email: okochjm@unisa.ac.za; okochem@gmail.com; mkansm@unisa.ac.za 


Our understanding of the influence of Cross-border Strategy on green and sustainable logistics is still limited, despite stakeholders’ need to know which implications of cross-border strategy on sustainability. The paper examines how cross-border strategy; international, global, multi-domestic, and transnational strategies influence green and sustainable logistics. Using the cross-border strategic framework, this paper surveys literature about strategy, green and sustainable logistics. Antecedents, drivers and dynamics for the development of each have been innovatively assessed. Innovatively, the appropriate dynamics for sustainability through green and sustainable logistics have been systematically integrated with cross-border strategy. Findings serve as a platform for revisiting cross-border business strategies to harness sustainability and vice-versa. The paper offers more nuanced insights compared with prior studies and thus strongly contributes to the sustainability of the cross-border strategy. Furthermore, green and sustainable logistics have to be mindful of the critical drivers and vice-versa provide an appropriate mix for sustainability. The results provide scholars and practitioners, e.g. managers of SMEs, with concrete ideas for improving sustainability through green and sustainable logistics. Policymakers too can benefit from the results as they will allow the design of more target group-oriented measures, aspects that can ultimately lead to more sustainable businesses. By focusing on process cross-border strategy and emerging countries, the paper contributes to growing research on sustainability from an international business perspective. Thus, the results add more diversity to the study of international business strategy and its influence on sustainability.

Keywords: Cross-border; Strategy; Green and Sustainable Logistics.

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