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Road map in achieving the SDG in a developing country, Dr. Khurshed Alam

Dr. M Khurshed Alam
Chairman, Bangladesh Institute of Social Research (BISR) Trust
Email: khurshedbisr@gmail.com

Abstract: Synergy of Global and Local Actions involving people is essential for achieving sustainable development goals. But a clear gap is there where in the case of Global and Local Actions it is primarily a top-down approach rather than a bottom-up approach. What is necessary is to have system in place. Various studies report that a clear policy and strategic gaps is there which was aggravated further by recent Covid 19 both economically and institutionally. Indeed, there are three major challenges which include instability, implementation, and governance. These are further related to recent financial crisis, political instability, and climate change. It needs to harmonize three core elements such as economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection. The paper finally shows a clear road map to address the present policy and strategic gaps and to suggest a way out for overcoming those to put a system in place.

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